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There are three ways of getting Smart Keyboard Pro: Play Store, PayPal and SlideME.

Google Play Store (Android Market)

Scan the QR code below or click here from an Android phone to download Smart Keyboard PRO! If you don't see anything in the market, it means that you cannot yet download paid apps in your country, then you can use one of the two other payment methods to get the app.



You can also buy a Smart Keyboard Pro license with PayPal, by clicking on the button below. You will then be able to download the app directly from this web site. Go to this page after your payment if PayPal doesn't redirect to it automatically.

Warning: this payment method has nothing to do with Google Checkout and Google Play Store (Android Market), so you will NOT be able to download the app from the official market if you buy this way. However you will be able to download the updates for free from the web site, as you can do on Android Market.


SlideME is an alternative market place for Android. You can also buy Smart Keyboard Pro from SlideMe if you cannot use Android Market.

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