Emoji usage

For questions regarding Emoji, look at the dedicated help page.


  1. Download Smart Keyboard PRO on your device
  2. Run the 3-step wizard to enableSmart Keyboard PRO as input method

Keyboard usage

Once you have installed and successfully enabled the keyboard, you are ready to use it! You will probably want to have a look at the settings (see below) to customize your keyboard, as there are many things you can change!

A key concept to use the keyboard is the long press, which means pressing a key until something special happens. With the default settings, a long press on a letter will input the alternative symbol for that key, which is indicated by the small label at the top of the key: for instance long press the “E” key to get a “3”. With many languages, a long press on a key will display a popup keyboard, which allows you to choose between several alternative symbols; for instance with French layout, a long press on “E” key will display a popup with “3èéê뀔. Just hold and slide your finger to select the desired character. You can also long press the Enter key to display a popup with common smileys (this popup can be customized in the keyboard settings). Another usage of long press is to add words to the user dictionary: you just need to long press the typed word in the suggestion bar (when the “suggestions” option is active) to add it to the dictionary.

Another key concept is the swipe gesture: a swipe gesture consists in sliding your finger quickly across the keyboard: from left to right, top to bottom, etc. You can customize the action corresponding to a gesture in the keyboard settings. By default a swipe from top to bottom will close the keyboard, but you can change it.

Another very powerful feature of the keyboard is the custom AutoText. An AutoText is a shortcut which will replace any typed word (or even a single letter) with something else. You need to go to the keyboard settings to define your own AutoText shortcuts. You can use AutoText for many things:

– replace “u” by “you”, or “cu” by “see you later” for instance

– create a signature for your emails (you can even put carriage returns in an autotext)

– insert the current date, with the “%d” macro (see details below for available macros)

– correct common typos, for instance you can replace “food” by “good” (the dictionary algorithm will never do that automatically otherwise, as “food” is a valid word”). It can be seen as a way of removing words from the builtin dictionary. You can even set up a custom autotext to replace “lol” by “lol”, which will prevent auto-correction of “lol” to “LOL”.

– access symbols more easily: for instance you can define an autotext to replace “h” by “_”, to type underscores without going to the symbols panel

– redefine the default letter when using the T9 layout. For instance you can define an autotext to replace “t” by “u,” so that “u” becomes the default choice when you press the “tuv” key in T9

Entering the settings

There are two ways of entering BabelType settings:

  • From the keyboard itself: long press the 123 key
  • From the Android home screen, press the Menu key, choose “Settings”, then “Language & keyboard” (or “Locale & text” for Android < 2.0), and select “BabelType” settings

See the Settings Reference for a complete description of all the settings.

Anything else?

Look at the Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Macy.

    How to enable the emoji on keyboard? It doesn’t have any key! But my sister have and we just installed same app. Please help. 🙂

    • Cyril

      Hello, congratulations for being the first to use the new Disqus comment sytem 😉
      Emojis are implemented as a separate language, to be consistent with the general behavior of the keyboard. So, you need to enter the keyboard settings (long press on “123” key), choose “Language”, then “Language Key”, and enable “Emoji” language in the list, in addition to the other language(s) you need (for instance English). Once it’s done, a language key will appear on the keyboard (named “EN” if your current language is English), and you can switch between English and Emoji by clicking on this key,

  • martin cox

    Hi. My Galaxy S4 updated it’s firmware yesterday to the new Android 5.0.1
    Now I am unable to use Smart Keyboard Pro which I bought (not the free download) immediately as your keyboard is far superior to the standard one.

    Now when I set the keyboard to Smart Keyboard Pro I get continuous messages saying that “unfortunately Smart Keyboard Pro has stopped”.

    • Cyril

      This problem happens on some devices, but unfortunately we have never been able to reproduce it to find the root cause of the issue… (my own Galaxy S4 has been updated today to Lollipop without any problem). The workaround is to uninstall and reinstall Smart Keyboard Pro, it should fix the problem. However, if you know how to collect your phone logs (with ADB tool for instance), please send them by email to smartkeyboard at just after the keyboard crash, before reinstalling it, so that we get a chance to investigate the problem. Thanks

      • martin cox

        Hi Cyril. I would like to confirm to everyone that uninstalling & then reinstalling worked perfectly. I am pleased to be typing this message using Smart Keyboard Pro again. Its a welcoming sight after half a day of the standard one!!!

  • abe


  • abe


  • ben maslati

    Hey how can i change font size in pro?? Android 5

    • Cyril

      Hello, unfortunately you cannot change the font size at the moment

  • James Belcher

    How do the suffix work?

    • Cyril

      Hello, what do you mean by “suffix” exactly?

      • Jjm Toloppanen

        He might be coming from the old school Nokia world, and I think he’s after the ability to accept a half-way predicted word and then add a suffix.

        I’ve actually tried to contact you people about this particular thing: certain accommodations for agglutinating languages.

  • abe

    altars1@Gmail. Com

  • Khairil Amri Nasution

    where should i put emoji ?

  • simi

    Why i cant find smart keyboard skin in theme section that i downloaded ??? I tried many diffrent way to download nd install the my skin but its not work !! Plz anybody hlp here plzzz!

  • Mati Fiordelli

    There is a problem in facebook messenger in the last upgrade. With this keyboard. When I want to send a message, the button ‘send’ is disabled. I tried another keyboard and I have not this problem. Please solve it. Thanks

  • RbdHeath

    I have Smart Keyboard Pro v 4.10 on a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact running Android. 5.0.2.but the speech input does not work. When I hit the mic key I just get a “crossed out” mic icon and “cancel “. The speech input works OK on Sony’s own keyboard and Google . I have tried adjusting settings without success . Any help will be appreciated .

    • AP

      Same problem with Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Android 5.1.1

  • MacKenzie

    Mama papa mommy

  • MacKenzie

    Mama papa mommy.

  • Tracy ceronio

    Would love to be able to do continuous input on the keyboard. Where is this function. Much quicker and more accurate.

    • Cyril

      Hello, continuous input is not supported by Smart Keyboard, on purpose.

      • Tracy ceronio

        Thanks for replying Cyril but why is continuous input not supported on purpose.

  • Kriste

    Having issues with lag with new ai would luv predictive text better like swift key keyboard. Following my typing style would help I feel like words I use a lot won’t come up.

  • Robert Dunning

    Hiya, I’ve recently upgrade to the Samsung S5 and after loading all my old apps onto the new handset I can’t get Smart Keyboard Pro to work. It loads up OK but but when you press the keyboard nothing happens? I love this keyboard and want it to work. Please help

  • lainy

    Only some of the custom auto text shortcuts I make work. Some Work just fine, others not at all. I’ve deleted and recreated them and still nothing. It’s very frustrating! Any advice?

    • Cyril

      Hello, can you give more details about what doesn’t work? As explained in the FAQ:

      Be careful if you use AutoText with T9 (or compact) mode: your shortcut must be defined with the first letter of the corresponding keys. For instance if you want to replace “br” by “Best Regards” in T9, your shortcut has to be “ap -> Best Regards”, as “a” the first letter of “abc” key and “p” is the first letter of “pqrs” key.

      • lainy

        Well that helps! Long long long ago you used to be able to put in an auto shortcut for email addresses but I can’t get it to work w/ the alpha characters.

  • Joe Reynolds

    I have used this keyboard for years. Never an issue with backup, autotext, or customer dictionary restore. 5 phones and 3 tablets. However when I switched to the Galaxy S6 the suggestions are all over the place and mostly wrong this time. Autotext seems to be fine but my custom dictionary or the suggestion qlogic seems to be broke on this version of android 5.0.2. Love this keyboard. I hope we can figure this out.

    • Joe Reynolds

      I have purged my custom dictionary and it is still auto correcting and suggesting crazy words I have never used. Ideas?

      • Cyril

        Hello, are you sure “English for Smart Keyboard” is still installed? If those crazy words are not in your user dictionary, maybe they come from your contact dictionary?

        • Joe Reynolds

          It was not. Is now. Will use the rest of the day. Crossing fingers now.
          FYI – love the autotext and volume for moving cursor.

          Wishes. Cloud sync vs dropbox or drive upload and download.

          Sent from my mobile device. Excuse any and all typos. 770-595-9747

        • Joe Reynolds

          That has resolved my issues. I guess the play store did not install that part. Keyboard only when I setup the new phone. Thank You for the quick help. Great product.

  • Jakson Caldwell

    Is it possible to get rid of the little keyboard notification that pops up every time I type something?

    • Cyril

      Hello, if you are talking about the key preview, you can disable it in general settings > show preview popup

      • Jakson Caldwell

        No that’s not it. It pops up in the notification bar every time the keyboard pops up. I got rid of it on my old phone but I had rooted it and can’t remember if that was how I did it or not.

        • Cyril

          Then it’s the standard android icon to select the input method. Depending on your version of Android, you may indeed need root access to disable it. On old Android versions you could just disable all keyboards but one, and the icon would disappear.

          • Jakson Caldwell

            Yep, you are correct. Nothing a little Package Disabler won’t fix. Thanks for your time though. And the great keyboard.

  • Karim

    Please add your profile in Arabic signs.

  • bushrang3r

    I’m wondering if I can get the keyboard to simply enter the alt labels on long press without popping up the extra alt characters for me to choose from.

    • Cyril

      Hello, which language do you use? In the English layout there is only one alt character per key; if you use another language, you can define the option “Force latin layout” to English and keep that other language.

      • bushrang3r

        Thanks for the quick reply! I went into the settings to find the “Force latin layout” setting and it turns out I had selected English (International) rather than just English. All good now! Thanks!!

  • Eric W


    I am a Smart Keyboard PRO user since several years. I started using it with a HTC and had nearly 10 000 words in my user dictionary. (I actually made a successful multiple insertion of more words in the user dictionary from my desktop with excel and note directly into the file in the SD card)  And before shifting to my Samsung S4 two years ago I made a backup to restore it in the S4 but it didn’t work to insert the backup files. But since i really love your keyboard I struggled on two more years had more than 5000 words in my user dictionary again. But some weeks ago I had to do a factory reset on my S4 because of major problems with mew os Lollipop. And sadlu once again I cant restore the backup of my user dictionary…  Please please can I get some help with this? I am willing to pay for this help if someone can fix this?

  • ;)

    So….how do I make it not correcting my words..cuz every time I write my it corects it to the word Kyocera….n that’s the type of my phone…?

    • Cyril

      Hello, you can disable “Auto-complete” option globally, or better add your custom words to the user dictionary (long press the word in the suggestion bar to do that quickly)

  • Eddie Rist

    My arrow keys have disappeared. I’ve gone to settings for Smartkeyboard. For arrows I selected always. No arrows. Tried portrait mode. No arrows. Reboots. I don’t see any arrow keys on any of the tutorials. either. Whats the problem?

    • Jjm Toloppanen

      Press and hold the 123 key on Smart Keyboard to get to Smart Keyboard settings.
      Then go to General Settings. “Show Arrows” is the fourth option from the top.

  • neemt ahmed

    Neema ahmed

  • Peter G

    Die automatische Textvervollständigung läßt sich leider nicht ausschalten .

    I can not switch of the automatically word completion.

    please help



  • Yudhistira

    Hello, I’m a new user and I fell in love with the features especially the autotext function. I have a question however, can I customize the look of my keyboard myself? Like the colour of the keyboard n the key colour? And can the keys change colour instead of popping up. I can easily turn off the pop up feature, but I still need to know I press the right key, and I really think, changing colour when pressed is more convenient, is there anyway possible to have it that way? Thanks a lot

  • Polemicist

    Hi, can I suggest a feature that auto correct can be switched off for some languages and not others. Thanks

  • DBrooks

    How do I find the mic to speak my text

    • Cyril

      Which language do you use? In any case, you need to enable the mic key option in “Voice input” settings (but it’s on by default)

  • erik adhi rianto

    i can’t use it on android 5. always stop. is there any solution?

    • Cyril

      Hello, please try to uninstall and install the app again

  • yangsi tren-i

    assalamualaikum inspirasi pagi sahabat
    Ada seorang ibu ingin meminjam uang kpd anaknya yg telah mapan. Dengan suara rendah disertai rasa malu ibu berkata : “Nak, bolehkah ibu meminjam uang 100 ribu, ?. Ibu ada perlu buat beli beras.”. Anaknya tidak langsung menjawab, dengan raut muka datar ia berkata : “Iya bu, nanti Aku tanya istriku dulu”, seakan berat untuk mengiyakan, krna blum tentu isterinya mengiyakan…
    Ketika akan masuk ke dalam rumah ia melihat dus susu anaknyamasih ada bandrol harga Rp 50.000, kemudian dia merenung. Jika 1 dus habis 1 hari x 30 hari x 2 th = 36 jt. Dia berfikir, waktu balita dia hanya diberikan ASI oleh ibunya, harganya tak terhingga, super steril, diberikan dengan penuh kasih sayang,, jika didapat oleh seorang anak selama 2 tahun berapa yang harus ia bayar ??. Kemudian ia berbalik dan menatap wajah ibunya yang teduh walau telah dimakan usia. Ibu, dirimu telah memberikan semua kasih sayang, harta dan semuanya kepadaku tanpa pamrih, dan semua itu kuterima dgn GRATIS.. Maafkan anakmu yg durhaka ini yang tidak tahu balas budi.. Segera ia memeluk ibunya dan mengecup keningnya dan memberi uang Rp 3 jt, sambil menangis ia berkata : “Ibu, jangan berkata pinjam lagi yaa, hartaku adalah juga milikmu, do’akan anakmu ini agar selalu berbakti padamu”. Sambil berkaca-kaca ada air bening di pelupuk mata ibu ia berkata : “Nak, di setiap keadaan ibu selalu berdo’a agar kita semua selalu dikumpulkan di dunia dan di SURGA nanti dalam kebahagiaan.
    Semoga Bermanfaaf,,, jadikan ladang pahala dgn meberikan ke orang lain,,, Dan bagi PARA ISTRI ingatlah bhw rejeki dari suamimu adalah jg HAK mertuamu.

  • Evgeniy Alexeev

    How can I change the list of suggested zone names(.com etc). I want to add some.

    • Cyril

      Hello, use “Domain editor” in general settings

  • Carol A. Page Winiarz

    How do I uninstall this app and go back to my old key board?

    • Jjm Toloppanen

      You didn’t mention which phone you have, but on a Samsung Android: Go to your phone settings and find the Application Manager. Within that, find Smart Keyboard and select it. It should give you the option to uninstall it.

  • Jjm Toloppanen

    Have you seen the meme where a Swede, an Englishman and a German case the word “dog” in their languages? The Finn comes in and cases the Finnish word to hundreds of forms.

    I’m a Finn and I tell you: It’s a true story! The concept of saving hundreds of entries in a dictionary just for one word sounds impossible, now doesn’t it?

    This goes for any heavily agglutinating / synthetic language out there. Hungarian has more cases than Finnish – and we already have 16, and that doesn’t involve plural and possessive and… you get the idea. You quickly get hundreds of forms.

    Therefore Smart Keyboard (and pretty much every other keyboard on the market) needs a feature, where you can accept a partially predicted word as it is so we can then add suffixes as we please. On my Nokia I used to have piles of suffixes and just word stems. Nokia also had the ability to accept a partially predicted word.

    Do you understand what I’m pitching? 🙂

    • Cyril

      Hello, if you disable “Space after picking” option, you can accept a suggested word, and continue to type after. Is it enough?

      • Jjm Toloppanen

        No, it is not. Pretty much any existing feature will select a suggested word automatically if you interrupt the prediction, while I wish to be able to accept a partially predicted word.

        Say, if the word were “magneetti”, but I needed to accept it until “magneet” and then give it an ending “ista” and further “si” so it becomes “magneetistasi”. I’m not making this up.

        The way Finnish (and I believe a plenty of other agglutinating and synthetic languages) works it’s simply impossible to store all the possible shapes due to the impossible number of them for a single word, and the next best option is to accept partially selected words so that entering the correct suffix is easier.

  • Maru Rafael

    Gk bisa smartphone saya lg magna android 5.0

  • Marjay Emjhey

    I cannot input text using the app on lollipop version lenovo. It says “unfortunately stopped”. When will there be new updates?
    Thank you.

    • Cyril

      Hello, have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app?

      • Marjay Emjhey

        Yap I did. I actually installed/re-installed it numerous times already still cannot get it to work. I even reformatted my phone to factory defaults and reinstalled the product and still cannot use the keyboard. Now, what to do next?

  • Zach

    Why does this keyboard not automatically replace and fix misspelled words? It make you go back and click on them, instead of changing the misspelled word on its own.

    • Cyril

      Hello, yes misspelled words are corrected automatically, if you enabled the auto complete option in text prediction settings.

      • Zach

        IV done that and it still doesn’t automatically replace misspelled words. They get a red line under them and you have to go back and manually click on the word for it to change. I’m using a note 5

        • Cyril

          Actually that this red line has nothing to do with Smart Keyboard, it comes from the native Android dictionary. With Smart Keyboard, you should see one word highlighted in orange in the suggestion bar, and this word is picked automatically when you hit the space key, provided you have enabled the related settings (which are on by default). Note that by default (unless you enable “always suggest” option), some text fields are not auto-corrected, like search fields for instance.

  • Samaritan

    My physical keyboard cannot input Chinese character, spacebar didn’t work. How can I correct it? Thanks!

  • Markeeta Lovely

    I don’t see the smart emoji keyboard app in the Google play store. I have the smart. Pro keyboard and I need the emoji keyboard app in order to use emojis. Please assist! Thanks

  • Simon Forsey

    Hi. I have just upgraded to a Samsung Note 5 which does not have an SD card. I wish to import my Auto Text. Is there a way of doing this without the use of an SD card?

    • Simon Forsey

      It seems that the developer only seems to answer certain questions! I have had this keyboard now for a number of years and think it is the best one out there. However, every time I upgrade my phone I have never been able to copy my predicted text to the new unit, and, even though I have asked about this with previous phones I have NEVER received a reply. Comments developer ?

    • Cyril

      Hello, you don’t need a SD card, the “smartkeyboardpro” folder is located:
      – at the root of the SD card for devices that have one
      – at the root of the local storage otherwise (on Samsung you can see it under “Local storage” in My Files app)
      – at the root of the phone storage visible when you plug it to a computer with USB

      • Simon Forsey

        Hi. I have found that root file, copied it and pasted it into the new phone root, but it still does not show up in predicted text!

        • Cyril

          Hello, that’s the first step, but afterwards you need to go to “Restore from SD card” in the settings on the new phone

          • Simon Forsey

            Success! Finally after all these years.I don’t have to copy them.all again!

  • Ryan

    How could I disable the function “Long press abc button to go into setting”, change from abc to 123 is ok for me, but i do not want to go into setting when press any key/button. Looking forward to your help.

    • Cyril

      Hello, unfortunately there is no option to disable this behavior

  • Vladimír Čech

    Hi, after last upgrade I cant disable text prediction. Please help. Thank you Vladimir

  • Viktor

    I have Samsung Rugby Pro android 4.1.2 with a Russian locale set.How can I add Hebrew language input to the list of available languages?I have only English and Russian there,the Hebrew fonts are displayed correctly on all pages and it something about general phone settings not the app itself? Thanks.

    • Cyril

      Hello, look at “Language key” option in Smart Keyboard language settings, and check Hebrew in the list.

      • Viktor

        Hi Cyril,
        The problem is that I have no Hebrew in the list of available languages,that’s why I am asking – how to add it to the input languages

        • Cyril

          Hebrew is between Hindi and Croatian in the language list. What do you see there?

          • Viktor

            In the language key menu I see emoji,a bunch of english and a bunch of russian keyboards

          • Cyril

            So you are not looking at the right place. You need to enter Smart Keyboard Pro settings (with long press on123 key for instance), then “Language settings”, then “Language key”. You probably look at the settings of stock android keyboard, or another one, as Smart Keyboard has dozens of available languages,

          • Viktor

            Hi Cyril,
            Looks like it was just an old version, I’ve updated to the latest and now I see all the languages. It’s not my device, that’s why I didn’t check it first. Sorry for the mess and thank you for your help.

  • Peter Hazelton

    Have they come up with a way yet to delete words from the generic dictionary? Not the use dictionary but the generic one? Thanks!

    • Cyril

      Hello, you cannot delete a word, but a convenient workaround is usually to create a custom AutoText to replace this word by something you type more frequently (otherwise why do you need to remove it?)

  • Trevor Learoyd

    With the T9 keyboard in portrait mode I can’t get predictive text to work in a google search field. I’m sure this was not always the case – but I could be deluded!

    • Cyril

      Hello, have you tried “Always suggest” option in text prediction settings?

      • Trevor Learoyd

        That’s the badger! Cheers Cyril

    • Morten Bjørnerud

      Same problem on my Galaxy S7

      • Trevor Learoyd

        Answered below!

  • Giacomo Paita

    What difference id there from trial to pro version ?

    • Cyril

      Hello, the pro version is the same, without the nag screen. As the name suggests, the trial version should be used… to try the app 😉

      • Giacomo Paita

        What nag screen ? I dont see it anywhere !

        • Cyril

          Really? It’s supposed to appear once or twice a day only, for a few seconds.

          • Giacomo Paita

            Oh, yes, i ve noticed right now

  • Сергей Печенкин

    Над верхом клавиатуры слева часто появляются эти синие квадратнотреугольные фиговины для выделения части текста (хотя там нет поля текста) и никак их не убрать до перезагрузки. Мешают нажимать кнопку “й”. Что делать?

  • Ananda H

    I just got a new phone and my misspelled words used to be underlined in red on the Samsung galaxy prime but they aren’t anymore on the new phone. How do I enable this on the LG G4?

    • Cyril

      Hello, there is a patent war with Apple on this feature, so some phones have it, other haven’t… In any case Smart Keyboard has nothing to do with that, as keyboards don’t have any control on text views.

      • Ananda H

        Thank you! That’s intresting though because I’ve never had an apple and always had that feature on even basic phones. Blackberry too.

  • Karen Anim

    How can I apply custom theme skin to the keyboard??

  • Karen Anim

    I purchased the full version but I can’t use my custom keyboard theme skin for it…help

  • Tony Arnold

    Before I fill in a poor feedback
    Can you explain why the Android Keyboard takes control within minutes of my setting up “Smart Keyboard Pro”
    Kind Regards
    Tony Arnold

    • Cyril

      Hello, I don’t really understand what you are talking about, can you explain what you mean by “takes control”? Thanks

  • Stan

    Hi, after I updated to marshmallow the suggestion bar on top require long press to pick the word which it didn’t do before. Tapping the word is not a problem with stock keyboard. Can’t find settings for this. Also experiencing “sticky” keys in same bar when tapping any of ?!,_
    Generally more lag as well.
    Any ideas what the problem might be?

    • Cyril

      Hello, I cannot reproduce this problem, which phone is it?

      • Stan

        It’s a moto g 2nd gen. It happened after the OS update so I updated the app, without improvement. But I have experienced other lag issues with the phone but like I said, no typing issues with the stock kb. I have the trial version but don’t want to chance getting pro version if they both have the same issue. I will say it comes and goes how long the press is required but it’s very inconsistent and a tap like before is definitely not enough.

  • ranada baca

    Anyone having issues with the spacebar not working on t9??

  • Lar Dub

    Since last update, legacy voice input does not work properly. It opens, says “no matches found,” then “speak now,” then closes right away.

    The new input works, but never closes after sending.

    Please advise.

    • lawbreaker06

      I’m having the same problem dice I upgraded! Samsung Galaxy S5

    • Lar Dub

      Still waiting for a fix for legacy voice mode…any suggestions?

  • Giacomo Paita

    Hello! Could the keyboard layout has the second row less width than the first, like the default keyboard of my lgg3?

  • olden McGroin

    Hi there, on the T9 keyboard, in English, why has the inverted comma on keypad 1 been replaced with quotation marks and is it possible to switch it back please? Top kit otherwise.
    Many thanks.

  • TimesHaveLeftMe

    we need more themes

  • Chrissy Sobotka

    I cannot type in the compact verison upon getting a new cell phone S7. For example When i hit the keys to spell should agould shows up instead. Is there a setting i need to switch on? I currently have the XT9 key switched off to type this. I have had this app for years and first ive seen of this. Please help

  • Wesley Kenis

    Even the calibrate functioneren keeps forcing the use of qwerty keyboard for non qwerty users which makes it confusing and inaccurate in my opinion. Since it records these mistakes as well Surongo calculations. For the rest i keep enjoying it fulltime. Especially with the new skins.

  • ripjack thirteen

    Is there going to be an update to dictionary of words provided as suggestions?

  • Preston Conner

    Is there a way to export auto text entries to another media like word ?

  • mika

    The keyboard overlaps the box I’m typing into. If there is no further page to allow scrolling down, the keyboard hides the box I’m typing into.

  • Sanjaya Lestarie Pejuang Paytr


  • janjan rematica

    Hi! Good day, can i ask? in the smart keyboard trail. There’s anyone know where the key of “DOWN SPACE” found..i try to search but i can find it ..please help.. Thanks..

  • janjan rematica

    Hi! Good day, can i ask? in the smart keyboard trial. There’s anyone know where the key of “DOWN SPACE” found..i try to search but i can find it ..please help.. Thanks..

  • Thomas Burkhart

    I love these app
    is it possible to sync settings, autotext and user dic via cloud?
    beste Grüße

    Thomas Burkhart

    • Cyril

      Hello, not at the moment but this is considered for a future version

  • DevilMind

    thanks for changing the name back to Smart Keyboard. Have 3 major issues for many year, none of it have been resolved, so plz plz do it for next update.
    1. Add Ability to search DUPLICATES in USER DICTIONARY.
    2. Add ability to search any saved word in User Dictionary.
    3. Please add URDU Language keyboard. It is the 3rd most spoken language of the world. Basically Urdu & Hindi are same SPOKEN languages, only difference is in Writing, Urdu Text is Persian, Hindi Text is Sanskrit.

    Thank you
    Awaiting developer’s response

    • Cyril

      Hello, Urdu will certainly be added soon. User dictionary will be improved as well, though probably not in the next version

  • Guido

    Hello! I use the keyboard in 3×4 mode with t9 and i set the option “numbers on top ” always on but it don’t work. I use it on LG V10 with Android 6 marshmallow. Can you tell me why it doesn’t work in this setting?

    • Cyril

      Hello, this option has no effect in T9 mode (as the point of T9 mode is to get big keys, and the numbers would be very small)

  • navi kamboj

    Where I can enter my email to get my logs.

    • Cyril

      Which logs are you talking about?

  • b2995

    Couple of things…

    1. Is there a way to long press the shift key to cap a single word instead of activating caps and then having to deactivate it?

    2. Is there a way to add additional characters to that top shortcut bar or could you add the # symbol?

    Thank you

    • Cyril

      hello, for 2) look at “custom punctuation” in text prediction settings

  • Henny Savenije

    I wanted to use Korean and English but shift space doesn’t work

  • Mike Brown

    This keyboard would be the best IF it had next word predictions

  • Luke Baranouskas

    Hi Dexilog, LLC,

    My custom imported autotext only works partially – shortcuts with number are not working! FYI checked FAQ, please advise at your earliest convenience.

    Best Regards,

    Luke Baranouskas

  • plumbing101mike

    I am attempting to solve some annoyances.

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5.

    When I do voice typing which I do a lot of, I get screw ups over and over and cannot figure out how to correct them.

    I say “Hello comma new line” which I want to show up like a greeting in a letter.

    But instead, I get this:
    HellHello comma New line

    How do I change this?

    Thank you!

  • Tim

    I’ve noticed in my user dictionary that I have just tons of words that were spelled wrong, and the keyboard has learned. In order to remove the words, you have to remove EACH individually. Can you provide and update to allow cleaning the user dictionary to select MULTIPLE entries? This would be awesome. Thanks.

    • Missy Hemphill Renaud

      Same issue here! Help!

    • crear conciencia

      I suggest to smart kp developers not to add new words when space is pressed, only adding a new word when it is selected from suggestions bar, after it was typed by the user. When a word is created by user by typing it letter by letter, deactivate space option, in order to only be selected by the suggestion bar and added to dictionary, in this way the user will not be confused thinking if it was added or not, by not remembering if he pressed space bar or selected from suggestion bar. I’m developer and engineer

  • Brian

    Hi I have purchased pro but have a new tablet and its asking me to pay again

  • Nick Shaw

    Why the hell does this app remember jibberish nonsense words in the user dictionary? When they are not selected… most annoying.

  • Megan Brannon

    I cant figure out how to install skins with my Note5. Help?

  • Mr.D

    Hi there. I’m using this app for a quite long time, but one problem makes me pissed off very much. I’m using Korean, English, and Japanese with this app. I’d like to use normal mode(I mean QWERTY) for English and Japanese, and T9 mode for Korean. I’m using gesture to switch modes, but sometimes it doesn’t work properly so I have to try again and again. I think it would be much better if I can choose mode of keyboard that I want for each languages. Well, I hope you are interested in fixing this. thx

  • Ben Rainey

    I have used this app for the last 5 years on my samsung devices. T9 has worked perfectly on those devices until I bought my Note 7 and installed my ince favorite add on. Has anyone else had issues with T9 not working properly?

  • Dylan

    Can you add how to get rid of the key that pops up above your key when you type. Or at least help me with it or something like that. Also, why do you use the iphone keyboard for default I’ve always wanted to know, and your really popular on youtube for your “Iphone keyboard” thing.

    • Cyril

      Hello, just disable “Show popup” option in General settings. Regarding the iPhone skin, it’s actually no more the default one (now it’s the “black” skin)

  • Dylan

    Also a huge thanks to the creator

  • Mishka V

    Здравствуйте! В Японской раскладке Smart Keyboard Pro. Можно ли сделать
    клавишу выбора хираганы и катаканы [ひ и カ] вместо запятой [、]. По
    умолчанию текст набирается хираганой. Но можно ли набирать текст сразу
    катаканой? Пожалуйста, сделайте такую возможность, добавьте такую
    клавишу [ひ и カ], рядом с клавишей выбора языка.
    Спасибо! Hello!
    In the Japanese keyboard Smart Keyboard Pro. Is it possible to make
    selection key hiragana and katakana [ひ or カ] instead of a comma [、]? By
    default the text is typed in hiragana. Can immediately type text in
    katakana? Please make this feature, add this button [ひ or カ], next to
    the keyboard language selection.
    Thank You!

  • Javier Perez

    se me actualizo la apk en ingles como rayos le hago para que se ponga en español los ajustes me urge

    • Daniel Stroke

      Vuelves a activarlo en opciones de lenguaje 🙂 o bajarte de nuevo el diccionario en español. Y después recuperas tu diccionario faltante en opciones de respaldo. A mi me pasó la primera vez que actualizé.

  • Javier Perez

    as I put the settings in Spanish aid

  • Fabrin

    How come when I type a word like (how) in t9, it Puts in (gmw).How do i change this in the settings?

  • Ibnu Nugroho

    Please add new feature like square or super-script and fraction like these (½ ⅓ ¼ ⅛ ⅔ x² ¾ y³ ⁴ ⅝ etc)

  • ANAS

    How can I remove T9 button from T9 mode?

    I am keeping press it all time in S7 edge it’s so annoying.

  • Suzette Palmer

    Question I’m about 2 get a upgraded phone. How do I transfer my custom words I made up from my old phone 2 my new phone. Hope I don’t have 2 type E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G back 2 the new phone.

    • Daniel Stroke

      In settings you will find backup options. There are tree, and are very helpful to transfer and share dictionaries and options

  • Alassea

    I still use T9 and every time I type “I” it displays “G” and I have to manually choose “I” from the list. I didn’t have this problem until this phone, which is a samsung galaxy 6s replacement for my previous 6s. How can I correct this?

  • robert kovax

    Hi, I’m using the pro version but the annoying white box still there in the notification bar… what should I do to take that off?

    • Cyril

      Hello, which white box are you talking about?

      • robert kovax
        • robert kovax

          The rounded rectangle next to the alarm clock symbol.

          • Cyril

            Interesting, it’s not supposed to be empty! You can hide it with option “Show language icon” in “Language” settings

          • robert kovax

            Thanks, it helped!

          • robert kovax

            One more Q, I cant save my setting to SD because the app says that im using screen overlay, but Im not sure what is that and what should I turn off.

          • Cyril

            Yes it’s a known problem under investigation. The workaround is to enable access to phone storage manually: phone settings > Application manager > Smart Keyboard Pro > Authorizations > Storage: On

          • Suzette Palmer

            How do i transfer my custom dictionary to my new phone, instead of typing everything all over agin

  • Missy Hemphill Renaud

    After I delete old texts, they show up again the next morning. Help?

  • Missy Hemphill Renaud

    Some of on texts don’t send until I send out 4 different texts to the same person.

  • Missy Hemphill Renaud

    Again on the dictionary, how do I erase nonsense words that seem km be stuck in there. I have to scroll over to get the word I want and usually forget. I use t9.

  • Jinny

    The dictionary (the words showing on top of bar) doesn’t work when I write within Outlook. How do I fix it?

    • Cyril

      Maybe try to enable “Always suggest” option

      • Jinny

        Hi, yes it’s been enabled all the time, but somehow its not working properly on outlook. Especially when I reply an email… Writing an email on Outlook from the beginning is fine. I didn’t have this problem before but it recently started. Pls help? Thanks.

  • Jason George

    Recently noticed that the Smart Keyboard Pro only works on the first word when using the stock email program for Galaxy S6. Works on everything else but that. Any suggestions?

  • Scott Swain

    Now, after a period, the new character no longer automatically goes to caps. instead it looks like this. Inconsistently. Ideas?

  • Stephen

    I can’t get the swip keyboard to work or even find the option in settings

  • Andreas Toth

    This keyboard is near perfect for those that prefer to be in control of their keyboard rather than the other way around. It does lack a few features to make it perfect, though, such as display current word in suggestion bar in colour or underlined to indicate to the user that the word has no dictionary match so they can verify it is actually spelt correctly. Also needs dedicated edit keys for copy-and-paste as many apps don’t implement these too well through the standard touch interface. Also, the ability to add language neutral dictionary entries for names rather than having to add them to every single dictionary (I use five languages). Also, a way to prevent the active language from being too easily changed.

  • Bryan Denys Weber

    Hi! How can I hide the white icon on the notification bar?

    • Cyril

      Hello, disable “Show language icon” in language options

      • Bryan Denys Weber

        Thank you very much, Cyril! It works!

  • Daniel Fasth

    Will the suggestion/auto correct for t9 be improved and does it even work?
    It is enough that you miss click one letter and then you only get the jiberish first letter multitap word or some other word as suggestion. You have to press every letter in a word perfectly correct or you won’t get suggestion of the right word.

    • Cyril

      Hello, this was done on purpose as implementing the proximity correction algorithm in T9 (at least as it’s currently done for the full keyboard) would imply a big number of combinations for each typed word. However there is area for improvement, it’s just that nobody reported that before (with T9 the keys are supposed to be big enough so that it’s not a problem)

    • EazySteve

      Same issue here

  • Daniel Fasth

    Will you improve the dictionaries? At least the Swedish one lack a ton of variations of words like definite articles of words. You have to do a lot of multi tapping and learning of new words.

  • Shawn Kroon

    Is there a way of removing the arrows screen after hitting ?123 twice? I’d rather the second hit bring me back to the normal letters.

  • Daniel Stroke

    I have a very small device, but I use the t9 style, how can I change the size to become smaller.? Thanks

    • Cyril

      Hello, have you tried “Key height” option?

      • Daniel Stroke

        Thank you, yes I have, I set it to the lowest. I WISH you could improve the the T9 style, all people I know love this keyboard for that feature. The problem is that the T9 keyboard covers the whole width of the screen, let’s say 5 or 6 cm, when your thumb only covers 4 comfortably. Imagine in tablets… SO, it would be nice to add a feature like “KEY WIDTH” to become the keys more slim or sticked to one side of the screen. 😀 Pd. You do great job with this project.

  • Richard Hudson

    Hi there,

    How do I stop the keyboard from defaulting back to qwerty after switching back from numbers or symbols? Also, it defaults to qwerty when in Firefox or Samsung internet and the ?123 press does nothing. T9 is set as my default portrait keyboard in settings. Other than that I love this keyboard.



    Samsung Galaxy S6; Android 6.01