Purchase and installation

I bought the app on Google Play but it will not download. What happens?

Usually it’s because the payment authorization failed for your credit card. Check if you received a mail from Google asking you to fix your credit card (or check your order status on Google Checkout), and try again with another credit card if possible. Note that Smart Keyboard PRO is distributed by Google Payment UK, so please check that you are able to buy in foreign countries with your credit card (especially if you buy from the US). You may need to contact your bank to get this authorization, or use another credit card if possible. If you still don’t manage to buy through Google Play, check this page for other payment methods. You can find more details on the forum.

How can I update the app if I bought it with PayPal and not Google Play?

When you buy Smart keyboard Pro directly with PayPal, you receive an email containing a license key and a download link; you just need to download again from this same link to get updated versions. Note that Google Play can notify you that an update is available even if you didn’t buy from the Market.

I’m trying to update but Smart Keyboard Pro remains in “downloading” state in Google Play app. What can I do?

Google Play app may get stuck in downloading state and can even force close if you try to cancel the download. In that case you need to reset the market data, with the following procedure: Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All > Market > Force stop then Clear data and cache

How do I enable the keyboard?

There are several methods depending on the version of Android installed on your device, see the user’s guide.

I installed the Trial version and then purchased the Pro version, but I still get the popup asking to buy. What happens?

The Trial and Pro versions are two different apps. Even when you install the Pro version, you will still use the Trial version if you do nothing special. After having installed the Pro version, you need to enable it as current input method, exactly like you did for the Trial version (i.e. you need to enable “Smart Keyboard Pro” in your language & input settings, pull the status bar when the keyboard is visible, and choose “select input method” in the menu). If you want, you can transfer your settings from the Trial to the Pro version (by doing a “Backup to SD” in the Trial settings, and a “Restore from Trial” in the Pro settings), and then you can uninstall the Trial version, it’s not needed any more. Note that if you bought the Pro version through PayPal (and not Google Play) you should receive an email with download instructions to install the Pro version on your phone.

Can I install the app on my new phone, or if I reset my phone?

Yes, once you paid on Google Play, you can download the app again when you want, on the same phone or on a new phone, as long as you use the same Google account in Android Market. You should not need to pay again to install the app again, if that’s the case send a mail to be refunded.

Do you charge for updates?

No. Updates should always be free with Google Play. Even if you see “authorizing card” when you install an update, it doesn’t mean you are being charged again, it just means that Google checks that you already purchased the app.

Does it really collect my passwords?

No! This is a standard Android warning displayed each time you install a replacement keyboard. This application doesn’t use the “INTERNET ACCESS” permission, so don’t worry. You can read more details on the forum. You can also check this page containing the list of Android permissions required by the keyboard.

I cannot download dictionaries on Google Play, what can I do?

You can also download them here.

Common issues

Words are underlined in red when I make typos, can I turn this off?

This comes from Android spell checker, not from Smart Keyboard. Due to legal issues with Apple, some vendors have this features, others have not, but in any case this cannot be controlled by Smart Keyboard settings. Sometimes it’s possible to disable it, look for “Spell Checker” somewhere under global Language & Input settings.

Voice input randomly fails with the error “Couldn’t connect”.

The update of Google Search app from 2015, Jan 12th broke the legacy speech recognizer service used by Smart Keyboard. Since version 4.11.0, Smart Keyboard uses Google Voice Input by default, which should fix this problem.

The phone reverts back to stock keyboard after reboot.

It happens when Smart Keyboard is installed on a location which is not available when the phone starts, such as an external SD card. Make sure you installed the app on the internal storage, and you didn’t use “app2sd”. The problem also happens on Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android Jelly Bean, due to a bug Samsung introduced in this version (paid apps are installed on the wrong location). There is currently no solution except waiting for a fix from Samsung, but you can try uninstalling/reinstalling the app, as it sometimes help.

The keyboard “sticks” on the screen, what can I do?

This may happen after you installed the keyboard (or after an update) due to an Android bug. Just restart your phone and it should not happen again.

Auto-correction doesn’t work in English?

Of course, it works, but since version 3.6.0 you need to install the English dictionary, which is another application on Google Play: “English for Smart Keyboard”

I cannot use arrow keys in Samsung email or SMS client.

This is a bug (feature?) of Samsung apps, which intercept the “right arrow” keyboard event and ignore it. Unfortunately nothing can be done to fix that.

The space bar often doesn’t work, what happens?

If you have WaveLauncher installed, see this topic on the forum.

Why don’t all Better Keyboard skins work?

Some skins are protected by their author and cannot be loaded by Smart Keyboard, that’s why they do not appear in the skin list.

I get a Force Close, what should I do?

It’s not normal, please send me a mail with the phone logs if that happens (thanks to the ‘Log Collector’ app). If you use Cyanogen Mod or another custom ROM, you may need to fix permissions with an app called “Rom Manager”. Important: if you upgrade from a version installed before 24 May 2010, you may have a crash with old android versions. Then the solution is to completely uninstall the app, and reinstall it again.

Why are letters reversed in the prediction bar when using Arabic or Hebrew?

There is a bug in most versions of Android which causes wrong display of right-to-left languages such as Arabic. Smart Keyboard uses a workaround to this bug to display suggestions correctly, but this workaround causes problems with some Android versions which already have a fix for this bug, so in that case you need to disable the option “RTL suggestions” in the keyboard language settings.

Why are letters not connected when typing in Arabic?

Android had poor Arabic support until version 3.0 (Honeycomb). In particular, the font included in most Android devices doesn’t support proper connection between arabic letters, and the keyboard is not responsible of that. The only solution is to root your device and change the system font, or install an alternative ROM (such as CyanogenMod) handling Arabic properly.

I see squares instead of letters on the keyboard.

It will happen if you try to use a language (such as arabic, hebrew or georgian) which requires a special font to be displayed. Hebrew and arabic fonts have been added in Android starting from version 2.2 (Froyo), but for other languages and/or older android versions, you need to install a font on your phone. This can be done only a rooted phone (you need to flash the firmware to do that), by replacing the system font (a procedure is explained here). For arabic, you can also use a custom ROM with arabic support such as this one.

There are lags when I use the keyboard, what can I do?

Lags usually happen when the android systems tries to free some memory (for several reasons). This may be due to other apps running on your phone, not to the keyboard itself, so try to kill some apps to free some resources (with Task Killer for instance). Also, don’t turn on “debug logs” if you don’t need to, as it will decrease the overall performance of the keyboard. You can also improve the performance by disabling some options, especially the “Smart dictionary” and the “Dynamic key resizing” (in advanced settings). Completely disabling predictions will improve performance too, if you don’t need them, but of course you will lose functionality.

Multitouch doesn’t work.

You need at least Android 2.0 for this feature. Important! If you have a HTC Desire or similar phone, multitouch may be broken in all apps when you install the keyboard; you need to restart your phone to fix this permanently.

The keyboard doesn’t disappear or doesn’t resize correctly when switching to landscape. What can I do?

This may happen due to a bug in Android when you install or update the keyboard. Rebooting your phone should fix the problem.

When I send a SMS, my recipient can only see ????? or a bunch of random characters

This is not due to the keyboard, but to the fact that Android uses UTF-16 to encode SMS which contain characters not included in the standard 7 bit SMS alphabet. As UTF-16 is not supported by all phones and carriers, your recipient may not be able to read such SMS. For some languages a workaround is to use Handcent SMS, which has options to encode SMS differently, otherwise there is not much you can do. For Greek, a workaround is to only use capitalized letters, as they are part of the SMS alphabet.

Backup/restore of the preferences don’t work

Make sure your phone not plugged, this could prevent access to the SD card, which is required for the backup process.

Common questions

How do I use Emojis?

See the dedicated article.

How can I add a word to the user dictionary?

Just long press on the word in the suggestion bar. You can also edit the user dictionary in the keyboard settings

How do I turn on T9 mode?

Go to the keyboard settings > “General Settings” > “Portrait Mode” > “T9”. Note that you can define a swipe gesture to switch quickly between QWERTY and T9 modes.

How can I enter smileys quickly?

By default the Enter key becomes a smiley key when you are texting (you can change this option in the General keyboard settings), but it only works in the stock Android messaging app. However you can always do a long press on the Enter key to get the smiley panel, so you can set the “Smiley key” option to off.

How can I insert a new line? I only have a smiley key…

Turn off the Smiley key option (see the previous question).

Is there an option to increase spacing between keys?

No. It’s just a matter of using another skin, see the forum for more details.

Where is the £ sign?

It’s in the alt symbols panel: press 123 key then Alt. You can also get it with a long press on L key if you choose “English (international)” layout instead of “English”, or directly with the D key if you choose “English (UK)” layout.

Why is there an icon on the application drawer?

It is needed to have an “Open” button available when you install the app. However you can disable it in the keyboard advanced settings

What is a “swipe gesture”?

It consists in sliding a finger across the keyboard. You can do it from left to right, top to bottom, or the opposite direction.

How do I use custom AutoText?

Just add a shortcut in the “Custom AutoText” settings, for instance “br -> Best Regards”, and then each time you type “br”, the dictionary will suggest “Best Regards” in the prediction bar. Note that AutoText only work when predictions are on, so you may need to enable the option “Always suggest” to have it working everywhere.

Be careful if you use AutoText with T9 (or compact) mode: your shortcut must be defined with the first letter of the corresponding keys. For instance if you want to replace “br” by “Best Regards” in T9, your shortcut has to be “ap -> Best Regards”, as “a” the first letter of “abc” key and “p” is the first letter of “pqrs” key.

How can I get a comma key instead of the mic key?

Just disable the “Mic button” in the settings. You can use a swipe gesture to trigger voice input

How do I use the smiley editor?

The smiley editor allows you to customize the contents of the smiley key. You just need to go to “Smiley Editor” in the keyboard settings, and press a smiley in the list to edit it.

84 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. How can I get the letters æ, ø and å in compact qwerty, when the Danish language is active

  2. I second Sumit khandelwal’s request for the ‘Enter’ key to be made available in all apps (via user settings probably) – as an example, I want multiple paragraphs in text messages.

  3. I’ve been trying to figure out how to have the mic AND the .com both. Is that possible? Or can they toggle somehow? The only way I can get the mic to display is if I disable the .com option entirely. What am I missing? Thanks.

    • Hello, indeed you cannot have both keys, but it’s possible to trigger voice input by configuring a custom swipe gesture

  4. I have been randomly experiencing a weird bug while using the compact keyboard. I will be typing a word, most recently Verizon, and for no reason it will decide to end the word and start a new one in the middle. By this I mean that the ‘ver’ was typed and underlined but as soon as the ‘i’ was hit it started treating the ‘i’ as the start of a new word with this resulting in ‘veruzob’.

  5. Best keyboard I’ve ever used. Do you plan on adding swipe-typing as well? You know, like SwiftKey and Google Keyboard?

  6. Every time I push a letter on my keyboard, 3 little colored dots appear and don’t go away! How can I fix this problem?

  7. Every time I push a letter on my keyboard, 3 little colored dots appear and don’t go away! How can I fix this problem? I posted a screenshot showing what it looks like:

  8. Hello,
    Nice keyboard!
    In your changelog you say you added a escape-key, but I can’t find it. Where is it hidden?
    I want to use vi, therefore I need this key…

  9. I cannot seem to make gestures work (swipe left, right, up or down). I have
    tried many times and even increased keyboard sensitivy, to no avail. Would you
    suggest anything?
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone.

  10. When doing a backup…. does this backup only the dictionary? Or does it do a full backup of all skins downloaded too?

  11. I just downloaded smart keyboard PRO primarily because it has a T9 input. However, when I’m in t9 mode, it does not seem to access the dictionary to suggest words as I type, so I’m entering them manually which rather defeats the purpose. Have I missed something in the settings? i just want to speed type on my smart phone the way I used to with my samsung or nokia brick phones.

    • It can access the english dictionary fine in qwerty mode (landscape), just not in t9 portrait – which is primarily what I want to use.

  12. Where should I post suggestions? I’ve got something regarding agglutinating languages such as Finnish.

  13. Hi there Cyril. A question to Danish T9. When I have to write “i” which means in – T9 always suggest “g”. Can this be changed in an update? Have tried to add to Custom Auto text, but I do not seem to have that function available

  14. My physical keyboard cannot input the Chinese character, spacebar didn’t work. Can you give me a suggestion?

  15. The keyboard on my Nexus 7 2 is no longer displaying in landscape mode. Rebooring did not fix the problem.How do.I recover it?

  16. Does anyone else have an issue with words ending in “ing”, where it will auto compleat the word and put a ‘g’ at the end?
    For example it will compleat to “Boring g” or “Nothing g”?
    This is a bug to me because it happens to virtually all words ending in “ing”, but sometimes it doesn’t.

  17. My wife just received the automatic upgrade to 4.11 and is unhappy with the change to Google voice recognition. She loved that she used to get a list of choices from which to choose and Google voice doesn’t have that feature. Is there a way she can downgrade to 4.10?

    • Hi Tony, sorry about that, but the previous voice input method was already 4 years old and is no more properly supported by Google (which caused many stability issues), though I understand being able to pick from a list could be a useful feature.
      I will send you the previous version by mail.

          • The Legacy voice input option does not work very well since the update. Most of the time the voice recognition pops up then immediately closes. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 running the latest version of Android

  18. When I use Voice Input, it has suddenly started defaulting to Google Voice. How can I stop this? My version is up to date.

      • Legacy Voice Input does not work right. It stopped working right after that update in January. I can’t stand the default replacemrnt Google voice input (for several reasons). I am using a Samsung Legend phone. I tried uninstalling, clearing cache, but nothing seems to fix it. Please fix it. This is SO frustrating! I really need this to work, as the other voice input does not suit my needs.

  19. Hello! I love this keyboard on my Android.
    But it hardly need on my iPhone!
    Please, make this keyboard for iPhone!

  20. Hello, since i have changed from my galaxy s5 to s7 edge predictive text no longer works when i use some of my apps. the one i use a lot such as Ebay, Gumtree and S planner dont allow predictive text to work. It works perfectly fine through Gmail and text messaging. Have i missed something in the settings??

  21. I would like to transfer a very extensive AutoText Library from a ‘retired’ phone…
    (I haven’t used SmartKeyboard for three phones, now… I wish to pull the AutoText from the old (4th) phone, and; ‘install’, copy, Bluetooth, transfer, email, or microSD swap to my three current phones…
    [I searched (almost ALL?) Help and FAQs and Comments and Responses, to no avail… yet…]

  22. Can we get the foggy lime green keyboard in a different color? Love this style but green doesn’t go with anything.

  23. Hello! I dont want to use the long press function in T9 mode to get other characters, i want that they would come on 3rd 4th press(oldschool mobiles). How can i turn this on?


  24. How do I get the Michael to replace the .com button since I never use that. Every time I’m on the internet my mic can’t be found. Any helpful hints? 🙂

    • Hello, in phone settings, look at “Battery”, “App power saving”, and in the list find Smart Keyboard Pro and turn saving off

  25. I have downloaded skins forum and applied as I did on my previous HTC devices but this time they don’t show up in the settings. I am using Huawei P9+ now. I did exactly the same way I had done with HTC m7 and HTC 10: creating a folder under name ‘skins’ at the root of SD card…still they don’t show up..please help me

  26. Hi, cannot switch to T9 on all Google Apps (esp. Google Widget and gmail) since I installed SmartKeyboard Pro on my new phone (Honor 7).
    In addition, cannot place Smileys under pics when sending them to any contact.

  27. I’ve asked this several times. Spellcheck and auto capitalize, among other functions, works in text, but not in email. Am I missing something?

    • Each app decides if the keyboard is allowed to spell check or not, but you can bypass that with “Always suggest” option. If that’s enough, what is the android version / email client you use?

      • I’m using the default email with my samsung (note, it didn’t capitalize it). I dont know where to find “always on”. ive looked at all the pages for it.

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        Each app decides if the keyboard is allowed to spell check or not, but you can bypass that with “Always suggest” option. If that’s enough, what is the android version / email client you use?

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    • I am also having the exact same problem as this user. My stock email no longer utilizes the auto correct, auto capitalization or double space = a ‘.’ inserted. And, yes, my “Always On” is on. Can you please look into this as it must be an interface problem with your program and Samsung Galaxy S7/Marshmallow 6.0.1. Thanks!

  28. I am having the exact same problem as another user. My stock email no longer utilizes the auto correct, auto capitalization or double space = a ‘.’ inserted. And, yes, my “Always On” is on (as are the other things mentioned.) Can you please look into this as it must be an interface problem with your program and Samsung Galaxy S7/Marshmallow 6.0.1? There doesn’t seem to be any other answer other than “check your ‘Always On’ and its definitely not that. Can you please investigate further – its becoming a huge problem for me and soon I’ll have to stop using your keyboard since it will not work with my email and I’ve been using this keyboard for at least 5 years if not longer. Thanks!

  29. Couple of comments. I use the t9 layout and in password fields, the t9 will always auto turn off so words must be typed in full. Am I missing a setting here?

    Same in gmail, t9 auto turned off in recipient field so must type names out in full rather than in predictive t9.

    I’d also like to be able to switch the $ and £ signs in the alt menu. Or this order should follow the chosen language.

    Samsung S6.

  30. I cannot get Smart Keyboard Pro to fully work with Blue Mail. The keyboard is there, and generally works, but there is no autocorrect, or other features. Ideas?

  31. Hello! When I switch language from Russian (3 ряда) to English and back again, keyboard switches to Russian (4 ряда). What can I do?

  32. I saved many hundreds of words in the dictionary, changed phones, cloning didn’t bring them. How can I retrieve my old custom dictionary and install it in my new phone. Both are Galaxy S7 Active.

  33. Hi. I bought the pro version and downloaded the Hungarian dict. I cant set up the Hungarian accent letters to an upper separate line above the letters. The Hungarian letters are:
    in this way. Can you help?
    I have samsung galaxy A7 2017

  34. Help: When I switch to the numbers/punctuation keyboard, it switches back to letters after I type a space. Why won’t it stay on the numbers page? I can’t find a setting to change this. Example: If I type 2 1/2, it switches to the letters right after I hit the space after the 2, so I have to switch back to type 1/2. ???

  35. Hello, I have added an additional phone. Is it covered by the pro licence? That is, does the licence cover 2 phones? Google play store did not ask for the payment.
    Just doing my bit, have used this app for 8 years, so would like to be clear

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