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Social dance Etiquette (etiquette on (98)) - ballr

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Ballroom dancing, or social dance, originating from the west, at the beginning of twentieth Century was introduced to China, adults are good entertainment social.Instrument ball close contact with the opposite sex, there is higher demand on appearance.
While appearing to full of youthful spirit, dignified, and no smell.The dress should be clean, neat, beautiful, generous, dark suits,christian louboutin outlet, mens wear western dress, national dress can be, do not wear a coat, overalls, avoid wearing a hat, wearing sneakers, wearing sunglasses.
Western lady like wear evening dress at the ball, our lady like a cheongsam, color coordinated high-heeled shoes.Ladies dress too exposed,louboutin pas cher, transparent, not too short,christian louboutin shoes, too small,christian louboutin shoes, too tight.In the evening party, makeup can be slightly thick.
Partner party opening and closing, Lord, shall be and his fellow guests dance.For example, the dance song, finale,louboutin, are usually master couple,louboutin pas cher, guest couple dance.She no longer, adult daughters can also substitute.
Second dance, male, female, male hostess should be associated with the guest of honor to dance.Avoid a couple dance with from first to last, avoid gay dance.A pair of male dance, will be doubted whether homosexuality is two, and female dance, with "3S lady" disrelish.
Invited invited others to dance with, should be civilized, polite, generous nature, pay attention, do not force each other.Invite partners, usually a man should take the initiative to invite a lady,louboutin, by men, and women generally do not have the initiative to invite men.
However, in special cases, women can also take the initiative to invite men, such as men for the elderly, VIP and other.He invited lady, the latter can politely refused, and Lady invites men, men will not be "split face", even though very tired, do not want to dance, also have to "give his life with a gentleman".
Choose partner should pay more attention to meet new people, expand social face, should also pay attention to age, height and weight, preferably not too great disparity.Dancing dancing should be civilized, beautiful.
Dance with somebody, men's body to correct, the left hand touch of partner's waist (slightly above the waist),christian louboutin outlet, right hand holds the left hand.Usually men dancing, both should be about 30 cm intervals, in order to safeguard the dignity of human personality.
Dance, both sides can not be one's pupils do not turn. Stare each other, face to natural.A man can not be a lady's hand to hold it too tightly, do not put the palm of the hand the affixed to the lady's waist, not rotates in the lady off my back.
While the woman would not put his hands on men's neck, nor the head active on men's shoulders.Bearing ball can best embody the gentleman gentleman.Invite partners to ladies, men should treat the bow, at least to nod, and to a corresponding language to send a clear signal such as invitation, "Lady (lady), please can you dance?"After obtaining consent, the man can kiss ladies hand, then playing dance together hand in hand.
Play, men should let ladies go ahead, according to music rhythm, dance sound attention, motor coordination.When rotated, found lady dizzy, men must try to "escort" responsibility, range of motion should be small.
At the end of the song, the man will be the best woman returned to the original seat, with thanks.With former partner after thanking, then invited another partner.As of two men with an invitation to dance, "in order of arrival" sequence, to accept the first people to invite, we should earnestly to later regret, promised in the next dance to dance, and to try to live up to his promise.
Refuse to dance was dancing through friends, friends of the occasion, so at the ball, rejected the invitation, must be careful.For some reason, such as height,louboutin pas cher, weight,, feeling bad, lady may reject the individual men's invitation, but to be careful and polite, tactful expression, decent, do not make the air.

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