Accent key for Greek

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Re: Accent key for Greek

Post by cyril »

You can try everything yourself with the trial version ;)

- At the moment there is no accent key for Greek; accents are obtained with a long press on the vowel, and are added automatically if you use the Greek dictionary
- There are plenty of different options related to arrow keys
- Yes you just need to tap the language key, and/or you can use a swipe gesture
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Re: Accent key for Greek

Post by spiros71 »

Would it be possible to implement it? Automatic adding of accents is not always a safe option with the dictionary, because there are words who may have the same letters, but different accents, thus changing meaning.

There is one main accent used in Greek, acute accent ( ´ ).
If long pressed, it could give access to the other two diacritics combinations:

diaeresis ( ¨ ) i.e. ϋ
diaeresis with acute accent ( ΅ ) i.e. ΰ

You can see in red the acute and diaresis (on the right) and diaeresis with acute (on the left) :

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