One-Hand thunb use for large screens

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One-Hand thunb use for large screens

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I posted this here as well as in the feature request thread because it looks like the feature thread has just become a spam post. It may be that the forums are being ignored or the MOD would have cleaned up the feature request thread.

I have been using Smart Keyboard for 2 years. So far it has been my favorite addon keyboard. I just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SCH-I605 which requires new features in a keyboard. There are 2 features I would like to request added.

1. One-Handed operation for large screens as the stock note 2 keyboard has.
2. Top row numbers as the stock note 2 keyboard has.

I actually would just use the stock Note 2 keyboard since it works well except for they left out auto correct. This is the only reason I'm using an addon keyboard at this point. I have quit using Smart Keyboard pro because the screen on the Note 2 is too large and there is no option to resize the keyboard for one-handed thumb use. I have tried 3 other alternative keyboards with the option to resize for one-handed use. I have opted to use another keyboard even though I like Smart Keyboard Pro much better solely because of the lacking one-handed mode. The built in Note 2 keybaord has the best one-handed mode of all of them but SlideIT KB has a similar option. I am currently using Kii KB which can be resized to one side of the screen however it can't be easily switched from side to side. The only reason I chose Kii KB is that it also has the top row numbers. Even though I only used the stock Note 2 KB for a few days, I found the top row numbers quite nice and find this feature a real time saver. With the popularity of the Note 2 I'm sure there will be more devices of this size soon. One-handed use is going to be a must have option to remain competitive.
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