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If you wish something new in Smart Keyboard, here is the place to ask!
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Post by v6ak »

I use Smart Keyboard on my Sony Ericsson SK17i phone (a model with a hardware keyboard). There are some features I'd like to have:

1) The autocompletion is really useful in Czech, since there are some special charcters (e.g. áéíóúýžščřďťň) missing on the hardware keyboard. This is well supported on the Sony Ericsson's keyboard: I can choose the desired symbol by left/right arrow and confirm it by enter. I've found it more comfortable from several reasons. However, I can't use arrow keys for these actions in Smart Keyboard.

-- there are also some less important features I miss: --

2) There is a Sym key on my keyboard which is unused with Smart Keyboard keyboard. It shows a symbol popup of special symbols that aren't on my keyboard. However, I've found an alternative. I currently use autoreplacements, for example xsbl -> [, xsbr -> ], xsbp -> []:

3) I'd also like to have an copy&paste way on my keyboard.
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Re: Feature Requests topic - post here instead of a new thre

Post by jellyhead »

I have been using Smart Keyboard for 2 years. So far it has been my favorite addon keyboard. I just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SCH-I605 which requires new features in a keyboard. There are 2 features I would like to request added.

1. One-Handed operation for large screens as the stock note 2 keyboard has.
2. Top row numbers as the stock note 2 keyboard has.

I actually would just use the stock Note 2 keyboard since it works well except for they left out auto correct. This is the only reason I'm using an addon keyboard at this point. I have quit using Smart Keyboard pro because the screen on the Note 2 is too large and there is no option to resize the keyboard for one-handed thumb use. I have tried 3 other alternative keyboards with the option to resize for one-handed use. I have opted to use another keyboard even though I like Smart Keyboard Pro much better solely because of the lacking one-handed mode. The built in Note 2 keybaord has the best one-handed mode of all of them but SlideIT KB has a similar option. I am currently using Kii KB which can be resized to one side of the screen however it can't be easily switched from side to side. The only reason I chose Kii KB is that it also has the top row numbers. Even though I only used the stock Note 2 KB for a few days, I found the top row numbers quite nice and find this feature a real time saver. With the popularity of the Note 2 I'm sure there will be more devices of this size soon. One-handed use is going to be a must have option to remain competitive.
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Re: Feature Requests topic - post here instead of a new thre

Post by KillerBG »

First I want to thank You for the great job done!
I'm typing this post from my fresh Smart Keyboard Pro and I'm realy happy with it.

There is only one thing I would REALY like to see - three state domain button (auto, on, off).
Looks like something easy and quick to implement since there is such dialogue existing for the smiley key.
Having labels showing the current slider state in units would help too.

I have another idea too but it's not that important for me - split mode.
Sadly it would require more work and time spent so I'm not asking about it.

Thanks in advance and have a great success in your work and life!

P.S.: I don't know why but my previous post dissapeared.
If there is something wrong with my request please tell me!
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