about Japanese Typing for better perfomance

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about Japanese Typing for better perfomance

Post by yyt204 »

Hello. I use Smart Keyboard Pro so today i get the update of New Smart Keyboard Pro(3.5.0)
and you say you can type full type of japanese! i'm korean, but i also wanna type japanese so newest update is cooooool xD

so i used it... but i have some problem of that.
i dunno it's problem of all, but i want report it.
maybe cause of that problem is happened by my habit of using 'Microsoft Japanese IME'.

1. when i wanna type 'ん', i just type one 'n' in Smart keyboard.
but in microsoft IME, i have to type two 'n'.

for Example,
- 日本語(nihongo), Smart keyboard is nihongo, but in MS IME is nihonngo.
MS IME choose that double 'n' becuz when i wanna type 'n line(na, ni, nu, ne, no)' we have to type n,
so if we wanna type 'nn(ん)', we have to type double n not one 'n'.

of course, that program's typing method is also cool,(like... if i type one 'n' become ん, after that i type like 'e' become 'ね(ne)'.
but i can't adapt it. maybe some user of other IME is also confusing. maybe : )

I wanna say if we wanna type ん, please make it double 'n' not one 'n'.

2. when we change hiragana > kanji or katakana, other type of typing, firstly we click 'space'.
and it works perfectly! xD
but after we choice kanji with space, we use 'Enter button' for deciding kanji or change type.
like when i type 'さくら(sakura)' and i wanna change it to 桜. so i click space button, so i make it like that.
and after that, for deciding i click 'Enter button' (unconscious, becuz every IME use that button like that, not makes space between the lines.)

so i wanna it becomes firstly i type enter, it's like choice button. and after i type one more enter, it become original 'Enter' Meaning.

3. i think Japanese typing of Smart keyboard is formed with predict dictionary maybe.
so when i type hiragana, i can see other 'Predict words'.
yep, it's good! xD but i wanna see other predict words except 5 things in one line expression, so i wanna get 'Expend' buttion like...
to picture, like '↑ button' for seeing other predict words.

4. when we type japanese, sometimes we type long type of japanese like 'toukyoudou(東京道)', 'sinnjitekudasai(信じて下さい)'.
but when i type toukyoudou(東京道) after that if i change it > kanji.
but your dictionary don't have 'toukyoudou''s word. so i can't divide 'toukyou' and 'dou'.

other. if i wanna type 'sinnjitekudasai' so i type it firstly, after that i wanna change it to kanji.
so i click space button, but your dic don't have that word.
if i divide it 'sinnjite' and 'kudasai', i can make kanji word.

MS IME solve that problem using BOLD UNDERLINE.
if i type ' sinjiekudasai ' , and i type 'space key'. i can choose 'block underline'
so after space key and i type left arrow buttion or right arrow button. i move 'BOLD UNDERLINE'.
so firstly i change 'sinjite(信じて)' with block & space key & choice & enter buttion.
after that i change left thing 'kudasai(下さい)' with same method.

so if smart keyboard also make 'BOLD UNDERLINE'. it can be good keyboard of japanese.

5. It's not important thing... but if that keyboard have 'SYM buttion(Symbolic buttion)'
we can use other special character or emoji(emoticon). xD

i dunno you can understand my english becuz my english is horrible.
but i wanna make that keyboard become perfect typing tool of android! xD so i write that post.
please refer it. : )

thanks for your reading.
ps. Smart keyboard's korean typing works so well! xD thank you. ^^
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Re: about Japanese Typing for better perfomance

Post by cyril »

thanks for your comments
About the "nn" I indeed change the behavior on purpose as I didn't understand why you would need to type "nn" when you want only one... But ok if people are used to this it's obviously better to keep the same behavior
The rest requires more work but I will check what I can do
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Re: about Japanese Typing for better perfomance

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Re: about Japanese Typing for better perfomance

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Re: about Japanese Typing for better perfomance

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Re: about Japanese Typing for better perfomance

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