Silly suggestions when writing without diacritics

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Silly suggestions when writing without diacritics

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If I want to input word "nákup" in czech (purchase in english), I am writing "nakup", because writing diacritics (waiting for alter letter when long-pressing key) is really time consuming. And almost everyone in our country does. Expected behavior would be to get "nákup" as a firts suggestion, because It is the same word, bud only diacritics is missing, but I get "nakoupíme" ("we will buy" in english).

Why another word, which is much longer, has higher priority? I really don't get it. Word with another length should have much less priority than words with same length, because typing errors are in 99% cases letter switches not missing or redundant letters. And letter which are different only in diacritics should be considered as (almost) same.

This problem occurs really frequently. For example 3 times in one sms. I have to check every sms two times, because this wrong behavior sometimes completely change meaning of message.

Another examples:

Expected word "šel" (walked in english), i am writing "sel", i am getting as a first suggestion "dělat" (work in english), "Šel" is offered as the 6. suggestion. Totally wrong.
Word "dělá", writing "dela", getting "dělat" as 1. suggestion, "dělá" as second.
Word "chutě" (tastes in english), writing "chute", get as first suggestion word "chytrej" (smart in english), "chutě" as secong.
Word "žít" (live in english), writing "zit", "zítra" as 1. suggestion, right word is on 8. place.

My settings (but it looks that no setting impact this behavior):
- Smart Dictionary enabled
- Learn new words enabled
- Quick fixes enabled
- Auto-complete enabled
- Always suggest enabled
- Suggest punctuation enabled
- Compound suggestion enabled
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