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vietnamese telex doesn't work

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:53 am
by nomota
my two androids, vega (android 2.2.1) and galay nexus (android 4.0.2)
enavled with vietnamese (telex) cannot handle any accent symbols of

both are Trial 4.6.1

Re: vietnamese telex doesn't work

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:17 am
by nomota
on vietnamese telex,

'ee' should automatically changes into 'e' with circumflex.
followings are rules.

ee -> ê (a with circumflex)
aa -> â (a with circumflex)
dd -> đ (d with strikes)
w -> ư (u with upper right tail)
uw -> ư (u with upper right tail)
ow -> ơ (o with upper right tail)
aw -> ă (a with reverse, round circumflex)

In vietnamese there are 5 tone simboles applied with those accents.

j -> ẹ (vowels with lower dot)
r -> ẻ (vowels with upper simbol similar to question mark)
x -> ẽ (vowels with upper tilde simbol)
s -> é (vowels with ascending accent)
f -> è (vowels with descending accent)

These two kinds of accent symbols combine (all of them are vowels) ... { j, r, x, s, f}

eej -> ệ (ê [ee] + j [lower dot])
aas -> ấ (â [aa] + s [ascending accent])
uwr -> ử (ư [uw] + r [question mark on top])
awf -> ằ (ă [aw] + f [descending accent])
ix -> ĩ (i + x [tilde on top])

i'm not shure if these rules are coded or not with Trial 4.6.1. my two androids aren't able to do this vietnamese letters.

my calculations of the special letters in vietnamese are this.
6 letters without tones. { dd, aa, ee, aw, ow, uw }
10 x 5 letters with tones. { a e i o u aa ee aw ow uw } X { s f r x j }
doubled as Upper/lower case.
So you need to display at least 112 special letters with vietnamese keyboard.