Bug Reports thread- post here instead of a new topic

You can post your bug reports here. Please include at least the app version and your phone, and any useful information.
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Re: Bug Reports thread- post here instead of a new topic

Post by OldDogEyes »

On two apps, my Nexus 7 tablet running Android 4.1.2 is doing wonky things... before go into what is happening, I am running stock everything rom wise, have unlocked bootloader and am using SmartKeyboard Pro...

1. Listia auction app... when commenting on an auction, randomly (and very often) the cursor jumps to the beginning of the line while typing... makes it impossible to type a comment of even a few words...

App link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... tia.Listia

NOTE: This DOES NOT happen with the stock Android keyboard ...

2. Zynga Poker... when chatting, backspace often deletes more than one character...

NOTE: This DOES STILL happen with the stock Android keyboard ... so it might be an issue with the app...
Any thoughts?
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Re: Bug Reports thread- post here instead of a new topic

Post by polstein »

Assuming there is ever an update again..

Please fix the delete word gesture so that the next letter entered after the gesture isn't ignored.
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Re: Bug Reports thread- post here instead of a new topic

Post by stbi »

Is this app still supported? There hasn't been any reply from the developer (or his colleagues) since 2 months now.
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Bug in numeric keyboard for time/alarm input (Galaxy S3)

Post by puddleshark »

I am fairly new to Smart KB but like it a lot and am considering buying the Pro version. I have come across a couple of problems, and one (1) really seems a serious bug (unless I'm missing something...).

(1) In numeric input mode, which comes up automatically when setting the time for an appointment or an alarm (both built in Samsung apps that come with the Galaxy S3), I cannot enter a two digit number (this was never a problem until I installed Smart KB). The first number I type into either the hour or minute field shows correctly, but it is underlined. When I press a second numeric key to enter, say, '10', nothing shows, i.e. I only see 1. As if it's trying to do predictive text for numbers?? I then tried to press Del to start again, at first Del does nothing, after a few presses, a not underlined number, usually the same number I had previous typed, shows, e.g. '33'. This second number comes up by pressing Del NOT another number key. VERY ODD!? It basically makes it impossible to enter times with the keypad, you have to use the scroll / arrow function, which can be long-winded.
NB. The same numeric keypad works fine when entering a telephone number in the contacts, but the phone number is also underlined when it's being typed in, like in predictive text/for not good reason.

(2) When using predictive text with T9 keypad, but possibly also with qwerty, with the bar showing the different suggestions switched on, I noticed a lot of poor quality predictions, and many are capitalised quite randomly. For example 'Evening' will be a suggestion, but 'evening' isn't. I feel all predictions should be lower case unless I have pressed shift to indicate I want it capitalised. Some might argue proper names should be capitalised automatically, e.g. Wednesday. But surely not words like 'evening'. The ideal scenario would be a setting for this (either no auto-capitalisation or for proper names only).
I have now switched the bar with suggestions off, and the T9 predictions seem better now and less often capitalised. Although I have not tested this properly.

(3) This may not be a problem but a case of me not knowing how to - not sure. When none of the predictions are right, how can I (quickly, easily) correct the word myself and have it added to the user dictionary? This is very easy ono Nokia phones.

Would be very pleased about a response as these problems are stopping me committing to Smart KB. As the S3 is a very popular phone, the numeric bug is quite a serious one I think?

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Re: Bug Reports thread- post here instead of a new topic

Post by espresso »

After upgrading from Android 2.x to 4.0.4 on my LG Nitro HD I lost Multi-lingual voice input (speech to text). In Russian layout speech is recognized as English. In English layout - (no miracle) same English speech. Can you fix it please? Smart Keyboard Pro v. 4.6.3
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Re: Bug Reports thread- post here instead of a new topic

Post by WER4GZS »

I am still not able to use the custom auto text as it does not work on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus either on ice cream sandwich or now jelly bean. I have tried changing the words and it still will not recognize anything. Is there an issue with it or something I am NOT seeing?
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Keyboard Pop-up Issues

Post by iskortch »

After upgrading to the Jelly Bean update from AT&T OTA, the pop-ups on the keyboard dance/slide across the screen. I have tried clearing data, force closing and restarting as well as unintalling and re-installing without a fix. The stock Samsung keyboard on my S3 did the same thing, but after clearing data and force closing, it fixed the issue. Suggestions??
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Re: Bug Reports thread- post here instead of a new topic

Post by v6ak »

I've found some bugs. There are two alt-related bugs and one enter-related bug (or possibly a feature I'd like to turn off). I have Sony Ericsson SK17i phone (with a hardware keyboard).

--- first bug ---

When I use alt+right (alt is the blue button at left bottom on SK17i's keyboard) or some other combinations with alt and then write a character, an alternative symbol is written instead. For example, "1" is written instead of "Q".

--- second bug ---

I've found also another alt-related bug. Steps to reproduce:
1. Press alt and hold it
2. Press K (it stands for "(")
3. Press L (it stands for ")")
(You can also use other alt-symbols, this is just an example. It is enough to write one symbol only. But writing "()" and pressing left arrow is a common scenario for me.)
4. Release alt
5. Press a key that has different behavior when alt is pressed (e.g. left arrow or backspace).
Expected result: the stanard behavior is used (e.g. go one character left or erase one character before cursor).
Actual result: the alternative behavior is used (e.g. go to the beggining of line or erase whole line)

--- third bug ---

This may be a feature. If so, I'd like to turn this feature off :) When I long-press enter, backspace is fired. I use long-enter for opening links in new tab in Opera Mobile. With Smark Keyboard, it is interpreted as backspace, which goes back in the history.
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