Shamballa Bracelet Embraced by Movie, TV and Sports Stars

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Shamballa Bracelet Embraced by Movie, TV and Sports Stars

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What are all the biggest stars of TV, Movies and Sports wearing today? The Budhist inspired, hand made bracelet known the "shamballa bracelet".

Trendsetters and stylist alike are embracing the shamballa bracelets and they have quickly become one of the fastest growing fashion trends among popular celebrities and their fans.

Hip-hop singers, sports stars and movie stars have all picked up on the shamballa bijoux trend.

And many of the big name celebrities have even inspired many of their fans to make and their own shamballa bracelet pas cher.

So what are "Shamballa Bracelets"?

To start, note that there are actually three different spellings for the name of these bracelets (or at least the inspiration for these bracelets). And they are:

Which one is correct? Being that these bracelets are said to be inspired by ancient Tibetan Buddhist traditions and philosophies, it is very likely that the correct spelling would be "Shambhala".

According to various ancient Tibetan texts, "Shambhala" is a place of tranquility, peace and happiness where all inhabitants are enlightened with good karmic spirit and energy.

Whether it be a mythical kingdom or not, "Shambhala", born of Tibetan Buddhist spiritualist, has become a part of pop culture. In pop culture however, the easier "sounds like" spelling is typically the one that most will use when writing a description of their own "do it yourself" shamballa bracelet creations.

Today the "shamballa bracelet" has become one of the most popular gift items of the season. Embraced in the fashion world for both men and women, the shamballa bracelet is actually very simple to make with even minimal supplies.

It is typically made with leather or nylon strips which are woven together in symmetrical braids and embellished with one to seven stones or beads which are woven into the design.

It's said that each bead represents one's own sacred journey on the road to mindfulness, thoughtfulness, diligence, joy, tranquility, concentration and balance. Some prefer to interpret their meanings in other ways, saying that the beads represent lessons in forgiveness, wisdom, peace, tranquility, enlightenment, happiness and spiritual healing.

And still others assert that each bead on a shamballa pas cher should be given its own meaning by those that wear them. For example, any one bead might represent a stage in your life, a lesson you learned, a person whom you love, or a time and event that you want to always remember.

shamballa jewels are likely to be popular for many years to come if for no other reason than the fact that they have can have real meaning to those that wear them, beyond the monetary value attributed to bracelets made from precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

Make one for yourself or create one for someone special. If you are looking for that "just right" gift for someone you love or care about, consider creating a "one of a kind" shamballa bracelet as that gift. It's a great way to stand apart from the crowd with a unique item that will be appreciated for years to come.
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