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Blue Jing Lijia brand discount Center - home furni

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Commercial Daily hearing (reporter Wu Houbin intern reporter Zhao Zhonghao) if you like the brand,louboutin, also want cheap, may wish to blue Jing Lijia Lize shop around.Here to create a new brand discount center, gathered the easts, Kunia Kami more than 10 first-line furniture brand,louboutin, product quality is flawless,louboutin pas cher, the price is low to 50 percent off.
In September 2nd, the reporter in the blue Jing Lijia Lize shop experience this product cheap: rattan palace most of the furniture was sold to Kunia Kami in 50 percent off, a price 7249 yuan four door wardrobe, hit 40 percent off concessions; the Federal furniture simply in house label special discount store “ ” the eye-catching slogan, store a WS 18000 yuan sofa only 6666 yuan in … … according to the reporter on-the-spot observation, these special product quality is not a problem, but the price is so cheap?This is a specialized brand discount furniture opened brand discount center,louboutin, sales in other stores had placed the sample, old products and meet customer requirements of rejected products.
To the East, for example, the store sales of furniture are walnut, guide personnel says,louboutin pas cher, this color only their stores only sell.“ some samples, refund or old products, the quality is very good,christian louboutin outlet, but the mainstream stores no longer sales,louboutin pas cher, manufacturers recycling and will add to the cost,christian louboutin outlet, and idle,christian louboutin shoes, as here turning waste into treasure, price low also help manufacturers cost recovery.
Kunia Kami ” a guide to discount center established much appreciated.Blue Jing Lijia relevant responsible person said, manufacturers clearing inventory demand, consumers buy brand products to low-cost,christian louboutin shoes, offering special discount brand zone, at the same time to meet the two requirements, it is also blue Jing Lijia committed to build low-income housing supporting base, with “ plus brand discount ” for consumer services effectively means.
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