To an idle slow sword performance of the Gansu sto

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To an idle slow sword performance of the Gansu sto

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Gansunews network Lanzhou 17 August, according to the Gansu Daily reported : efficacy of operation storm started two months , five big battle of assault fortified positions what progress has been made ?Government work efficiency and service quality? Recently, province efficiency storm action coordination office ,municipal and state departments to organize inspection groups ,dark visit group ,the authorities at all levels to investigate openly and secretly begins efficiency operation storm .
At the same time ,more than 3200 efficacy of the supervisor mission ,the party and government organs at all levels ,the government affairs hall ,public service window units of work style and efficiency of construction to carry out supervision and appraisal .
Town arouses 1000 billow July 27th, province to promote the coordination of office meetings ,informed the effectiveness of storm first visits ,interviews with the town of problems found in 34 units .
The conference reported some problems,christian louboutin shoes, especially the town shooting video clips to reflect on the problems ,the relevant units in Party member cadre caused great shock .Be interviewed units have taken effective measures ,carry out self-examination and self-correction ,efforts to improve office style of work ,improve work efficiency .
Early in the 6 month, the provincial Party committee ,the provincial government to deploy efficiency operation storm when he made ,want innovation efficiency supervision mechanism ,joint inspection ,special inspection and unannounced visits and other means, to all levels of various departments to carry out efficiency operation storm were regular inspection and supervision .
Effectiveness of storm into the search stage, provincial coordination office organizes 5 town group ,christian louboutin outlet,started from early July ,development and economic and social development and people related departments and units ,on style and performance of construction of town .
Take the field visits ,along with the service town ,simulation ,covert filming, interviewing recording work ,Dundian inspections, visits ,has 80 units .In order to ensure visits not as a mere formality .
not a mere formality ,make unannounced visits to work prior to the development of a detailed implementation plan ,strict security measures .Investigations by the steering group and random assignment ,dark visit group master ,not inform the crew ,without prior notice ,,do not greet ,by the town group according to the investigations range to choose investigations unit ,to determine the thorough way .
At the same time ,the provincial organs Working Committee Organization strength ,to the provincial ministries office ,provincial NPC Standing Committee ,province ,province ,province CPPCC organs court procuratorate and the people and other 28 departments unit,christian louboutin outlet, launched a round of visits activity .
Municipalities will also extremely important grasper as organs at various levels ,in-depth visits .Lanzhou city organization 8 inspection visits group ,in 86 departments and units to carry out the first round inspection visits .
Wuwei city insists to town work normalization ,louboutin,in the city carried out within the 3 focused investigations .Jiayuguan City composed of 6 town group ,directly under the 103 departments ,units to visit .
Jinchang city 10 town group of thorough basic level ,key positions ,the window industry town 64 times .Baiyin 133 departments unit style discipline and focus on work in progress of the inspection and unannounced visits to city hall ,94 key project progress of the efficiency supervision .
Supervision by the masses ,the Democratic review, is the important way of the problem .Effectiveness of storm action after starting, provincial coordination office at the time of the first set up the effectiveness of complaint center ,and announced through the media efficiency complaint telephone ,website ,accept masses to petition complaint .
City and county three level coordination office also from the NPC ,CPPCC members and representatives of various circles in employed over 3200 the efficacy of the supervisor ,for all levels of administrative efficiency construction of supervision .
Qingyang City, for the public to recruit 500 efficiency supervision of Regent, deep organ investigate openly and secretly ,and in the 52 government departments ,directly affiliated institutions and central ,provincial Qing unit vigorously appraising mechanism efficiency activities .
Tianshui departments at all levels of public invite supervisor of more than 300 people ,and the mayor of secretary of municipal Party committee message board politics faddish wind online people first ,solve masses to appeal to accept .
The five battle of assault fortified positions advancing the reform of administrative examination and approval system ,configuration of public natural resources commercializes reform ,optimize government affairs environment ,normative administration executes the law behavior ,enhance the efficiency of five big battle of assault fortified positions task implementation ,operation storm is efficiency supervision key content .
The inspection teams each to a unit ,the five battle of assault fortified positions in 2012 22 key job to advance to conduct a comprehensive inspection ,examine the progress of work ,understand the work initiative ,asked the existence question and the difficulty .
Administrative examination and approval items ,process more complex ,administrative career sex collects fees project is complex ,popular with investors from all walks of life and social criticism .
Complete province begins efficiency operation storm ,will play the administrative approval system reform assault fortified positions listed as the primary task .Lead the cleaning ,reduce and adjust the administrative examination and approval of the provincial government to do the task instance positive action ,in serious organization review is presented on the basis of the plan to cancel ,adjustment ,the decentralization of the administrative examination and approval items .
On July 13th, vice secretary of provincial Party committee ,vice-governor Liu Weiping chaired the executive meeting of the provincial government decided to study, cancel ,adjustment of provincial government departments and central administrative examination and approval items in unit 41 ,to the city ,delegating administrative approval authority 41 .
So far ,the provincial government departments of administrative approval items or accumulative total already achieved 75.7% .Province hair changes appoint ,province finance hall to organize administrative career sex collects fees is special clear on the basis of the work ,completed the Gansu province administrative charging items and standards directory .
Zhangye cancelled all charges 112 ,lower rate 51 ,from 7 .Each city state ,provincial relevant departments to actively promote the market-oriented reform of the allocation of public resources .
Jiuquan city public resources trading center ,the original scattered in different parts of the project ,government procurement ,land transactions and the disposal of state-owned assets of the court case ,asset auction bidding platform are integrated, unified in the trading center .
Office of province land natural resources seriously implement the provincial government recently issued on mineral resources market allocation opinion and about accelerating development of perambulate of mineral products resource transformation opinion ,louboutin,to accelerate the development and utilization of mineral resources and market allocation .
Create high quality and efficiency of government service environment ,improve the soft environment is the inevitable requirement of the development of .The office of the provincial government to actively promote the government center standardization construction, has promulgated the provincial administrative approval for focus 4 implementation plan ,the administrative examination and approval ,the electronic surveillance system platform construction to organize the implementation phase .
Province office organization the provincial government departments on the functional operation undertakes combing ,reform of the administrative examination and approval services to achieve .
Qingyang city on 513 approval management services for links process simplification ,optimization ,curing ,directly under the 35 departments unit 147 license and services in city hall ,and relying on Government Service Center Web site online submission ,louboutin pas cher,online examination ,online inquiries and online publicity ,already accumulative total acceptance ,making all kinds of newspaper 1 million pieces .
In accordance with the norms of administrative law enforcement requirements ,the provincial government to establish the work plan ,the various departments ,municipalities state administrative law enforcement bodies and personnel qualification conducted a critical review .
Improving the work efficiency of various organs ,the full implementation of post responsibility system ,first asking duty system ,service commitment system ,time limit system 8 system ,and to the conference ,file ,briefing made greatly reduced .
To an idle slow bright sword a piece of money can do a thing ,often have to spend ten dollars ;a day to do things ,often run ten days and a half months ;and the door is entered hard ,ugly face ,so ugly phenomenon, although occurring in individual units ,individual workers ,but direct effects of a department ,a local image ,directly influence party group do group of concerns .
The efficacy of Operation Storm inspection will always government work efficiency ,work style of cadres, work as an important content of discipline inspection .From the inspection and unannounced visits to the authorities of all levels ,rapid action ,step is strong ,thick atmosphere ,most units work orderly ,louboutin,staff full of spirit ,christian louboutin shoes,work conscientiously .
Work of the masses, from begin efficiency storm since the action ,service attitude is better than before ,the work efficiency is higher than before .Investigate openly and secretly also finds some problems not to be ignored ,is mainly :service development consciousness is not strong ,work efficiency is low ;law enforcement behavior was not standardized ,not as slow as messy as ,,behavior ;late or early ,optional off shift ;work during free ;masses consciousness, service attitude .
Province to promote the coordination of office reporting requirements, the relevant responsible units have to reconsider profoundly, rectify and reform seriously ,draw up programmes ,clear rectification responsibility ,grasp the implementation of rectification .
Each city state ,the various departments of the inspection found problems, in the notice of criticism at the same time ,also related to the persons responsible for accountability processing .
Jiuquan city flood disaster relief work during the fight away from the work of serious dereliction of duty ,the 1 municipal departments responsible for giving removal from office and inner-party disciplinary warning .
Tianshui to seriously investigate and deal with masses ,not as messy as and obstruction problem ,given disciplinary action 4 person ,1 person tissue processing .Linxia to South Town 3 staff to give disciplinary sanctions .
Dingxi city has 11 units of 146 cadres of the implementation of the accountability .Longnan city to the problem found in the test unit 9 sends the feedback opinion ,the problem is relatively serious 2 units issued supervisory proposal .
Pingliang city to investigate openly and secretly found in the part of the county traffic police in the national ,provincial ,County Road on the free flow speed was informed criticism .The state of Gannan on 10 units primarily responsible for admonishing conversation .
Recently ,the province to promote the coordination of the office to make on the establishment of performance of Operation Storm regular inspection mechanism opinion ,perfecting investigate openly and secretly ,the Democratic review ,special inspection ,the media supervision ,managed and supervision system and perfect job mechanism ,strict accountability raise specific requirement .
It is understood ,province to promote the coordination of office will further strengthen the supervision and inspection at the same time ,through the development of College Students million questionnaires shows wind ,mechanism efficiency to build online questionnaire survey ,louboutin pas cher,the efficacy of the supervisor ( public evaluation of representative politics faddish wind ) review ,administrative efficiency construction satisfaction evaluation ,democratic public evaluation and other activities ,improve public participation ,full play the role of supervision by the masses .
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