Unwanted word always highlighted & selected in predict mode

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Unwanted word always highlighted & selected in predict mode

Post by HippoMan »

I'm using Smart Keyboard Pro version 2.4.1 on my Nexus 1.

I'm noticing a weird problem in involving prediction. I have "Auto-capitalization", "Quick fixes", and "Show suggestions" set, but "Auto-complete" is off.

I only put a half dozen items in the "Custom AutoText" list. One of them is this:


In other words, I want Smart Keyboard Pro to auto-capitalize the word "god".

With this entry in place, if I type the word "god" at the beginning of a sentence, the "G" gets automatically capitalized, and a number of words show up in the suggestion bar. One of them is "God's". However, this word shows up highlighted, and when I hit space after the word "God", it gets replaced with "God's". There is no way I can type "God" without it being replaced by "God's".

However, if I remove god->God from Custom AutoText, this doesn't occur any more. But in that case, if I type "god" (lower case) somewhere other than the beginning of a sentence, it doesn't get capitalized.

There are no other entries in "Custom AutoText" which look like "god" or "God" or "God's". Nor are there any entries like "God's" in any dictionary.

How can prevent "God's" from showing up as being highlighted in the suggestion bar when I type "God", and how do I keep it from being auto-selected when I hit space after the word "God"? I don't care if "God's" appears in the selection bar. I just don't want it to be incorrectly auto-selected.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Unwanted word always highlighted & selected in predict mode

Post by cyril »

there is actually "God's" in the integrated english dictionary, however I cannot reproduce your problem, if I add god->God in autotext, "God" is always selected. Can you check (and remove) any word similar to god in your user dictionary? It may be an explanation.
Otherwise I would suggest you to enable "Smart Dictionary" (though for me it works even without it this option)
If nothing works, you can backup your settings and send me your backup.zip by mail so that I can reproduce the problem
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Re: Unwanted word always highlighted & selected in predict m

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