Romanian Dictionary

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Re: Romanian Dictionary

Post by Vlady »

Any news? :(
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Re: Romanian Dictionary

Post by MoshuXXL »

Any progress with the romanian dictionary?
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Re: Romanian Dictionary

Post by cyril »

So far I didn't get a usable word list, which is a prerequisite to build the dictionary.
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Re: Romanian Dictionary

Post by adi55 »

I'd like to have a Romanian dictionary too.
I think I can help you for this.
You can find an official common romanian dictionary at witch is part of the official "Explanatory Dictionary of Romanian Language" site (aka DEX in romanian language). In the first column is the list of common words. You must only delete the the inverted comma (which in this care represent the accent for that word - not relevant and not used) in the first column . The columns 2,3 and 4 can be also deleted because are not relevant for our goal.

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Re: Romanian Dictionary

Post by alexander267 »

i have made a userdict.csv of about 8000 words wich you cand import into the keyboard.
lista dictionar cuvinte romana rar

Code: Select all
the words are taken from different domains of news websites.

the archive also contains the *.csv, the *.doc and the *.xls file i used to create the userdict.csv.
also you get files of almost all the words(80.000) in romanian language. its not recommended to import more than 7000-8000 words, but you can test it
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Re: Romanian Dictionary

Post by anticristian »

are there any news about the romanian dictionary :( ?
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Re: Romanian Dictionary

Post by dananyou3 »

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Re: Romanian Dictionary

Post by avyrez »

finish to translate the arrays and strings. now we need votes to publish
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