Cyrillic phonetic layout

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Cyrillic phonetic layout

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I downloaded the trial version and I think it's really great product,
but only one little problem separates me from downloading the full version:
The Russian "phonetic" layout in this software is actually NOT exactly phonetic.
"Phonetic" means the map between characters based on the similarity
of the sounds not the visual similarity how the letters drawn!
So, 'H' should be 'Х' (Ha) not 'Ч' (Tch), 'W' should be 'В' (Ve) not 'Ш' (sha), and so on.
The mapping I'm talking about has very deep roots and was used for centuries.
Here the Cyrillic letters in the correct layout order:

It also described on the following site:

Would you please change or add as an option the correct phonetic layout?
If you think I'm asking too much, could you at least not use the word "phonetic",
it's against the common sense.
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